About Us

Espada is full service repair facility with both state-of-the-art tools and more than a few old world ones. Our professional, knowledgeable mechanic is prepared to service any make of bicycle. We are more than proficient in all current technologies, from installing and trouble-shooting the latest electronic shifting systems, bleeding finicky disc brakes or just a simple tune-up. We are also believe in the quality and joy of a custom-built set of wheels brings to a bike ride.. The same attitude goes with our custom built bikes. Although our specialty leans towards high performance machines and products, we’re happy to provide services and be a resource for all types of bikes and riders.

Our business is rooted in providing the highest quality repair work to ensure your bicycle leaves our hands working at peak performance. Rather than cutting corners, we take the time you and your bike deserve. If you have any questions on services or estimates for completing orders, we’d love to hear from you.

Espada is: Steve Maleski and business partner Nik Fedele, who started Espada Bicycles in 2009 to fill a niche both felt was missing in Charlotte, NC. The goal was to offer excellent service with immaculate attention to detail and approachable customer service. The resulting clientele is an eclectic blend of sleek road bikes, functional commuters, hardcore mountain bikes, stylish fixies and even a few BMXs. The point is – if it’s on two wheels and you love it, Espada Bicycles is the place to take it for a tune-up, overhaul, or just to meet up for a ride.